Employee Spotlight: Blake Howell – Executive Recruiter

Meet the newest addition to the Hixen Search Group team.

As Hixen Search Group expands their Ohio-based operations to better serve their clients, they’ve added a new face to their team: Blake Howell. Bringing over 3 years of experience in the accounting field, Blake is prepared and excited to make an immediate impact.

Originally hailing from just outside of Atlanta, Blake is a 2018 graduate of the University of Kentucky. There, he discovered that he was a “numbers guy,” and soon found himself pursuing an accounting degree as a result. He completed multiple accounting-based internships, including one with a Big 4 company, during his time at UK. Upon graduation Blake accepted a full-time role on the Internal Audit team at Nationwide. There Blake utilized his relationship building and analytical skills to thrive within the team.

The Path to Hixen Search Group

After three years in the accounting and audit field, Blake found himself looking for a change. A naturally personable and communicative individual, he began to seek roles that offered more client interaction where those skills could shine.

Having been “burned” by recruiters in the past as a candidate, he was understandably wary of interacting with them. When Dave Walker at Hixen Search Group reached out to discuss Blake himself joining a recruiting team, he was quickly intrigued. After an engaging conversation with the team, it was clear to Blake that the HSG team was searching for a good culture fit, which is exactly what he was looking for. Their conversations quickly evolved into an eventual job offer, and Blake enthusiastically joined Hixen Search Group in the spring of 2022.

As the newest addition to the team, Blake is excited to use his interpersonal skills to empathize with and relate to today’s candidates – counteracting the experience he himself had as a candidate years ago by providing an honest and valuable experience. Blake is glad to transition from working at large corporations and join a small but vibrant team at HSG. From his perspective, the customer service experience at a smaller firm leads to better results for all parties involved.

Get to Know Blake

On the personal side, Blake loves to stay physically active through mountain biking and other outdoor activities. He is an avid traveler and plans new adventures with his girlfriend every few months.

When local, Blake enjoys frequenting OH Pizza & Brew – his shameless plug as the best pizza he’s ever had – as well as crafting homemade ice cream.

The dream of financial freedom is what drives Blake forward in his career, and he is sure that his role at Hixen Search Group will help him pursue his goals while bolstering the reputation of the firm. In his words, tough times make us appreciate the good times, so he welcomes the challenges ahead with confidence.