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Numbers are your thing? They are ours too! Evaluate local and national accounting or finance opportunities which align with your career aspirations.

At Hixen Search Group, we believe you are more than what you present on your resume. Our job is to identify opportunities which not only help you grow professionally, but align with your overall career aspirations and personal goals.  Our team has been in your shoes. We know Columbus’ accounting and finance market. Whether you are looking for current opportunities in Columbus or exploring opportunities nationally, we serve as a strategic partner through your search to identify opportunities which advance your career.

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we work on careers.
not jobs.

At Hixen Search Group, we believe your next move is about more than ‘finding a job’. We believe it should define your career. 

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Let’s Meet

The first step when working with Hixen Search Group is an informal interview with an HSG recruiter to understand your technical skill sets and current career aspirations.

School Material


Once we’ve met with you, we will work with you to ensure your resume helps you to stand out as you apply for accounting and finance opportunities.



We will work with you as you evaluate job opportunities and provide insight into each company’s dynamics. If the opportunity is a fit, we will assist you in coordinating interviews and provide detailed insight and interview tips beforehand.


Closing the Deal

Closing the deal can be intimidating. Once an offer letter is presented we will work with you to ensure your receive a competitive compensation package from your salary through benefits.

Customer Service

Staying in Touch

So you’ve landed the job of your dreams, does that mean Hixen Search Group just disappears? No! We will continue to reach out to you after landing the job to ensure you are happy. We understand that a job may not turn out to be what you originally thought. If you are unhappy we will work and your employer to ensure you find an opportunity that is a perfect fit.

Did you know  90% of U.S. companies use staffing services when filling open positions within their organization?

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Contract 911! What to do when a consulting role isn’t working out…

Consulting, otherwise known as contract work, has gained significant momentum in the current job market over the past few years. Consulting presents many benefits such as flexible work schedules, opportunities to learn a new skill set, or the ability to learn more about a company before committing full-time.  

Full Disclosure

Many workers feel skeptical giving a recruiter their salary history due to lack of trust or fear of unfair benchmarking. In the recent article published by Forbes, “When Someone Demands Your Salary History, Give Your Salary Requirement Instead,” it was recommended to job seekers that they never disclose prior salary history when speaking with a recruiter.

Working with Accounting & Finance Talent Acquisition Firms to Advance Your Career

Before you start submitting your resume to every job board and company website in existence, consider finding an external recruiter to help.  People often think that contacting a recruiter is the last step; however, it SHOULD be your very first.  A little secret – there are pitfalls to sending your resume out in mass droves.

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